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Oversea Study Programs

Oversea Studying Programs

Our School selects 15 to 20 students to research or work as interns at one of our sister schools on a scholarship issued by the Ministry of Education every year. For students in the Department of Nursing, we send some to an assisted living facility in Australia so that they can not only learn how to care for the elderly or people with dementia but also adjust their healthcare services to different cultures. For our students in food and science, we have customized an exclusive study plan with some sake companies in Japan for the students to learn first hand the rigorous quality management and to experience the exquisite food and drink culture. For students in food and beverage management, we encourage them to visit a few prominent establishments in Italy and Switzerland so that they can hone their skills, immerse in the culture, and draw some culinary inspirations from works of art there.

Students internship in Japan for Medical Imaging and Radiological Technology, and the Healthcare Managements. Departments.

外交友誼拜訪 Diplomatic Visits
外交友誼拜訪 Diplomatic Visits
International Study