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How to get to Yuanpei

How to get to Yuanpei

By High Speed Rail (HSR)

   From Taoyuan International Airport take shuttle (Ubus) to Taoyuan High Speed Railway station.

   Get off Hsinchu High Speed Railway station, then by Taxi to Yuanpei.

   Total fares: approx. NT$500-600

   Travel Time: approx. 1 .5 hours

By Train(Taiwan Rail)

   From Taoyuan International Airport take Bus No. 5089 to Chunli Train Station. Get off Hsinchu

   Train Station; again, turn left at the front of the train station exit and take Bus No.23.

   Total fares: approx. NT$200-300

   Travel Time: approx. 2 hours

By Taxi

   From Taoyuan International Airport to Yuanpei.

   Fare: approx. NT$1,600

   Travel Time: approx. 50 minis




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