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Mr.Tsai, Ping-Kung
Mr.Tsai, Ping-Kung

  The Founder of Yuanpei University of Medical Technology (YUMT), Mr.Tsai, Ping-Kung, completed his undergraduate and graduate study in Japan in 1937.  When he returned to Taiwan, he specialized in radiology and medical care.  Subsequent travels to Europe and the US for further study made him realize that Taiwan was in need of more qualified radiology technologists and needed to develop its capability in nuclear medicine.  He worked to develop the field of nuclear medicine by providing tertiary level educational facilities.  In 1965, he pioneered Taiwan's first college specializing in ancillary medical services with three groundbreaking programs: radiology, health management and medical technology.

    Tsai, Ping-Kung led the development of the college driven by the motto “Knowledge through rigorous enquiry”From the beginning, he encouraged students to continually search for knowledge and to put it into practice.  In 1977, the Taiwanese government approved the Medical Imaging Technologist and Medical Technologist qualifications so the first graduates could start their professional careers.

    Over more than a half century of education, YUMT now encompasses three colleges, sixteen departments, and nine graduate schools to meet the continually increasing demand for medical technology professionals from the medical and healthcare industry.  We have equipped students not only with high level knowledge and skills but also with the empathy and critical thinking needed for success as a medical technologist in the 21st century.  The University strives, in all its activities, to benefit society and to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people.

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