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1964-1998 Nurture Professionals

    The founder of Yuanpei University of Medical Technology, Mr. Ping-Kung Tsai quickly perceived the importance of preventative health. In order to promulgate the medical sciences and their nuclear applications and to train more radiographers for health services and associated industries, Mr. Tsai funded the establishment of the Yuanpei Institute of Medical Technology.
    This was a groundbreaking college specializing in medical technologies. With its motto of “Knowledge through rigorous enquiry” and mission to “Raise social well-being and serve the general public”, Yuanpei earned its reputation for nurturing professionals in the field of medical technology.

1999-2006 Transformation

    With the advancement of medical sciences, Yuanpei Institute continually expanded its faculty team as well as upgrading facilities and equipment to produce the best educated healthcare professionals. In 1999, it became the Yuanpei University of Science and Technology consisting of nine Departments.
    In 2006, the University was renamed “Yuanpei University” with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Yuanpei was then comprised of 3 Colleges 15 Departments and 3 Graduate School Programs. Yuanpei continued to stay up to date with technology, connecting closely with industry to better prepare its students as professionals in the healthcare fields.

2007-Now Sustainability

    Sustainability of higher education institutions is the country’s most important challenge. Yuanpei University works hard to promote professional administration, objective management and comprehensive quality management as to: 1) Optimize alumni support; 2) Provide quality education; 3) Understand industry needs; 4) Run and upgrade campus facilities; 5) Enhance our graduates’ international mobility; 6) Collaborate with the industries; and 7) Create an ideal campus environment to reach the goal of sustainability.
    Aiming at Integration and Innovation, Yuanpei has evolved into a quality university that emphasises industry- university cooperation.


    The goal is for Yuanpei to first integrate all the available resources and then inspire collective innovation and finally raise more and more intelligent and educated people for the society. Yuanpei University of Medical Technology (YUMT) is moving towards sustainable development by taking up social responsibilities, connecting to local innovative industries and participating in the promotion of healthy lifestyle in regional communities.
    YUMT collaborates with Siemens and Harvar d University to r esear ch and develop on healthcare-related industries. The goal is to transform the higher education institution into the most specialized base in Taiwan to nurture professionals in the field of pan-healthcare industry.

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