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Why Choose YUMT


Nursing Base For Medical and Health Talents

Yuanpei University of Medical Technology was founded in 1964. It is the first

educational institution in Taiwan specialized in cultivating medical technology specialists. Since its establishment, the school has always adhered to the goal of the founder, Mr. Ping-Kung Tsai, "advocating life science education and cultivating medical technology talents". The school focuses on medical technology education for professional development in the areas of medical technology, preventive medicine and biomedical health. As our mission, we adhere to the following principle -       Serve the population  for  their  health  and  wellbeing.”  The  school  is  unique  in  its  devotion to providing medical and health education. Our faculty are experienced in academic research and clinical practice. They pursue maximum progress based on the existing foundation to continuously enhance the overall development of school affairs, and are committed to establish the school to cultivate "nursing base for medical and health talents.” We focus on 3 major development areas: medical technology, health management and welfare industry. We will promote the excellent performance in industry-academia and business operations. We will closely collaborate with the community, society and industry to achieve our goals. By participating in the publication of academic researches, the school has established close ties with the government and enterprises. We aimed to solve practical problems for the industry through teaching and research. The school also plays a key role to establish a knowledge transfer operation mechanism to eliminate the gap between learning and clinical practices. The school hopes to demonstrate the goal of sustainable development, ensuring equal educational opportunities and university social responsibility in line with industry development, needs and trends in the future.


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