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Unique School Facilities

Museum of Medical Imaging

Taiwan’s first Museum of Medical Imaging was established at Yuanpei University of Medical Technology to promote education on the history of radiological technology, to document valuable journals and books and to preserve significant artefacts of medical imaging.

Clinical Skill CenterClinical Skill Center

Established in 2016, this Center is set up to support the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) with up to
12 clinical rooms where our nursing students can learn and practice their techniques. Our state-of-the-art facilities are also used by external training organizations.

Medical Imaging Center

Established in May 2018 the Medical Imaging Center is equipped with a 0.3 full MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine and a CT scanner for students to practice on animals and agricultural products. This training strengthens the students’ diagnostic ability relating to medical imaging and radiological skills and enables them to apply this knowledge to analysis and research in these fields of medical imaging and radiology.

Vision Center

The Vision Center, opened in March 2019, features the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and cutting-edge technologies associated with vision care. It is equipped with an advanced Wave Analyzer 700 Medica- a multifunctional eye diagnostic device and other ophthalmic devices. Students are required to gain practical experience in the use of these devices which will enable them to gain confidence for their professional career after graduation.

cGMP Drug Production Center

Established in 2016, this Center aims to train professionals to meet the workforce demands of health and pharmaceutical companies. The Center functions as a platform to conduct biotechnological research, produce sample products in small quantities and train technicians in collaboration with several major manufacturers.

“Ju-Hsuan Ting - A Student Practicum Restaurant

“Ju-Hsuan  Ting  was  established  in  2001  for  the  Department of Food and Beverage Management. It is a purposely designed professional classroom for students to gain a real world restaurant experience. Through rotation and role-play over 2 semesters, students learn how to prepare foods and beverages as well as to run a restaurant. The practicum course also helps develop a sense of teamwork and develop skills for innovation and problem-solving.

To promote sustainability and concerns for the environment students are encouraged to plant and harvest hydroponically grown vegetables on campus buildings.

Tea Study and Innovation Center

Established in 2016 with the support from Department of Food Sciences and Department of Biotech & Pharmaceutical Technology, Tea Study and Innovation Center focused on tea research and related product development so as to combine local elements for innovative ideas to manufacture new products, such as Oriental Beauty Tea facial masks and hand cream. With the addition of the Bachelor Degree program of Cultural Creativity in the Arts of Tea and Ceramics in 2018, the Center strengthened its capability to promote tea pottery art and tea culture. The goal is to provide a physical space for tea pottery exhibition and to become a base for resource integration and innovative applications in the Taiwanese tea pottery industry.


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