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1964 Mr. Tsai initiated the planning committee to establish the new college.
1965 “Yuanpei Institute of Medical Technology” was officially approved by the Minister of Education.
1999 “Yuanpei Institute of Medical Technology” became the “Yuanpei University of Science and Technology” consisting of nine Departments.
2006 The School was renamed “Yuanpei University” with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2006. Yuanpei was then comprised of 3 Faculties, 15 Departments and 3 Graduate School Programs
2014 The University celebrated its 50 th anniversary and was renamed the "Yuanpei University of Medical Technology" to better reflect its specialisation developing education in this area of science.


The inaugural enrollment of 250students took place in 1965

In 1967 an official visit by the President of the Kyoto College of Medical Technology(Rename Kyoto College of Medical Science) in Japan leads to the signing of a "Sister School Agreement". The College had begun its first international affiliation

The first basketball tournament was held for medical technology universities in Taiwan in 1968.


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