Wellbeing and Industry
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College of Wellbeing and Industry


This College was designed to combine medical technology and health management. In 2016, the College developed three bachelor programs to cultivate tech-savvy management for the needs of emerging industries in the economy. Its faculty and curricular design emphasizes cross-disciplinary training, combining mobile with medical technology and medical imaging to develop niche products, such as a remote healthcare system, healthcare technology, and medical tourism. To reduce the gap between school and work, we require students work as interns before graduation and offer various work-oriented courses. To help students gain international certificates, we collaborate with Cisco, the largest US-based Internet Company, and provide our students with software and hardware for mock exams.

Courses at a glance

Undergraduate Degree Graduate Degree
Information Management Information Management
Business Administration Business Administration
Applied Mobile Technology
Applied Foreign Languages
Health and Leisure Management


Facilities unique to YUMT


Dr. Buy, set up in 2017 by the Department of Information Management, is the only college website that actually conducts business. It was launched to teach the students practical knowledge regarding e-commerce, digital media and creative design. Through the website, the students can gain firsthand experience by designing and promoting their own products. Currently, there are six lines of products available: ice cream, personal care products, local produces, electronic products, handmade accessories, and socially responsible products.



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