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Overseas Professional Study Programs


Every year, YUMT selects outstanding students to actively apply for 6-month or 1-year student exchange programs at our sister schools. The student exchange programs in Germany, England, Japan, and New Zealand are the most popular among students, and they help cultivate students’ international perspective and enhance their future employment competitiveness. Meanwhile, YUMT provides dual degree programs through our sister schools in Japan, England, and the United States. After students acquire basic knowledge and skills at YUMT, they can continue to pursue professional studies and experience different cultures abroad.

Students in the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Technology do a clinical internship at National Cancer Center Japan, where they acquire skills in diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy through direct experience. Meanwhile, they learn to assess the health risks that medical imaging devices might impose on patients.

Students in the Department of Healthcare Management intern at long-term care and medical institutions in Japan. They study management models and operation, hardware design, manpower planning, and other aspects of management and administrative operation through practical learning.

Students in the Department of Food Science engage in on-site observation and internship at a traditional shochu brewery in Japan. In addition to learning to create research and study plans for food safety, yeast fermentation, and wine making; students acquire an understanding of the shochu manufacturing process, witness Japan’s stringent quality control measures, and experience Japan’s exquisite dining culture.

Students in the Department of Nursing acquire clinical nursing skills at medical institutions in Japan. Students put their classroom studies to practical use in scenarios ranging from basic medical-surgical nursing to community nursing, thus achieving the goal of vocational education.

Students in the Department of Healthcare Management learn about the U.S. insurance system and administrative affairs related to payment while interning at a long-term care insurance company. Students gain a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences between the Taiwanese and
U.S. insurance systems, and obtain theoretical and practical experience from the internship.

Each year, YUMT’s Department of Nursing dispatches select students to Malaysian postpartum care centers and care centers for children with special needs. There, they learn the concepts of caring for women recuperating after childbirth and newborn babies, and how to give extra care to children with special needs. Most importantly, this experience teaches students how to provide patient- centered care and services that transcend cultural differences.

Students in the Department of Healthcare Management intern at a large medical institution in Vietnam. They participate in the administrative and logistics management of outpatient services, hospitalization, and emergency treatment, as well as community healthcare services. These activities enable students to better understand local residents’ medical-care-seeking habits and behavior, and they also learn how to plan health promotion projects.


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